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Sunday- September 7th - First Meeting & Program
10:00 General Board - 11:00 Lunch and Program  

Wednesday June 4 Installation of Officers

Sunday - May 18, 2014  Meeting - Program and Luncheon
Friday evening     May 23, 2014  Oneg Shabbat
                     Sponsored by Stuart and Susan May  

February 16th  ~ General Board Meeting  9:30- 10:30 AM 
                        Ladies' Auxilary Meeting at 10:30 
Luncheon & Program ~ Millie Snyder and Marc Slotnik

February 21st   ~ Oneg Shabbat - Celebrate January Birthdays
                            Sponsored by Barbara Schwartz 
December 15th ~ Meeting 10:00 AM Followed by Lunch 11:00
                               Program - Scriptural Essential Oils -Pam Litz
December 4th   ~ Chanukah Dinner 
November 17th ~ Chanukah Gift-Art-Craft Show
November 8th   ~ Oneg Shabbat to Honor our Veterans     
                               Sponsored by Ladies' Auxiliary 
October 27th    ~ Talent Show at Synagogue
October 13th    ~ Nearly New RummageSale/Temple Israel 
October 6th      ~ Second Meeting to be at Temple Israel 
October 4th      ~ Oneg Shabbat Welcome New Members
                              Sponsored by JoEllen and Ben Zacks 
September 22nd ~ First Meeting & ‘Soup in the Sukkah’ 


          'THE RUTH S. BARTON FUND' 


     This fund provides assistance to our 
                  MITZVAH CORP 
    formally know as the Care Committee       

MEETINGS for 2013 - 2014 
     All Sunday meetings are scheduled to be   
     on the first Sunday of each month.
     If there is a conflict with an event on the 1st Sunday
     we will meet on the third Sunday of that month.


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Originally known as the ‘Ladies’ Aid’ at the beginning of the 20th Century, the organization now called the Ladies’ Auxiliary, has been an integral entity of the B’nai Jacob congregation in all aspects of religious and social functions, providing facilities and services for families, and for communal celebrations. Through innovative fund raising and established specific long-term Funds, the Auxiliary provides for continuation of educational, charitable, and the religious needs of the Synagogue and greater community.

The history of the Ladies’ Auxiliary is underwritten in every line of the history of B’nai Jacob, which unofficially began in the 1880s as a small community of Jewish immigrants. The first established Synagogue began in 1908 and, in the late 1940s, when plans were made to build a second and new Synagogue on Virginia Street, the Auxiliary helped fund substantial amounts toward the construction of the new building, completed in 1949. The funding also supplied most of the furnishings and equipment, including the impressive Oron Kodesh, still in use at the present time.

Through the years, funding to provide education and events, especially for children, is a major goal for the Ladies’ Auxiliary. As stated in the history of B’nai Jacob, “Through the Kalman Shore Fund they under gird the activities of the Synagogue’s Young Peoples League; their annual dinners, under the chairmanship of the Rebetzin, Lillian Cooper, have been the main source for the budget of the Sunday School and holiday celebration for the children.
“Here it might be noted that Mrs. Cooper has authored three cookbooks that were complete sell-outs, all for the handsome financial benefit of the Auxiliary. The Auxiliary’s contribution and service reach out into the general community and beyond. The Ladies’ Auxiliary merits highest praise and its place in the current anniversary celebration is an honored one."(from
"A Brief History of The B’nai Jacob Congregation” by Simon Meyer")

Mrs. Lillian Cooper left a legacy for the generations to come within the B'nai Jacob Synagogue, the Charleston community, and for people in the USA, Canada, and Israel. When she passed away, at age 101 1/2 on December 31, 2012, she is accredited with compiling and publishing four cookbooks; 'The Art of Baking and Cooking' (1955); 'Mrs. Cooper's Cook Book' (1960); "Mrs. Cooper's Best' (1969); and 'ENCORE' (1979). In 2012, a reprint of her 4th cookbook was published, entitled, 'Still Cooking at One-Hundred.' This contains nine additional recipes submitted by Mrs. Cooper and her neice, Adeline Dubow, a message written by Mrs. Cooper, and an updated photo of her at age 100. All of her four-plus cookbooks are complilations of Mrs. Cooper's knowledge and include not only her recipes and technical information, but that of the countless devotees to the art of traditional Jewish cooking.

Located in the lobby of B’nai Jacob is a plaque engraved with the names and dates of all past Auxiliary Presidents, including that of Mrs. Cooper. These devoted women, guided by the By-Laws of the Auxiliary, worked diligently to meet and go beyond the needs of B’nai Jacob. Along with these serving Presidents is a Board and membership comprised of the 1st, 2nd and 3rd Vice-Presidents, Recording Secretary, Financial Secretary, Corresponding Secretary, Treasurer, the Ex-officio members, and a Nominating Committee. The duties of the Governing Board are to receive and discuss motions for the welfare of the Auxiliary and the advisability of recommending them to the body at its regular meeting.

The history of the Ladies’ Auxiliary is a repetition of the history of the B’nai Jacob Synagogue due to the devotion and tireless energy of its members. Individually and collectively the Auxiliary is comprised of generations of women of valor.
Moving further into this 21st Century, the evolution of the Auxiliary is inevitable, as it continues to meet the needs of B’nai Jacob in this new day. Through the years, the devotion of the Presidents, members of the Board, and general membership have never faltered nor ‘slumbered,’ providing a wonderful place to worship, to educate, to learn, to celebrate, to entertain, to play, and to be charitable in the truest tradition of Judaism.

May it continue to be, L’Dor V’Dor
From Generation to Generation
Dates and historic information are from
'A Brief History of the B’nai Jacob Congregation'
by Simon Meyer"

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